7i Operations Group, business consultants specializing in improving operational performance, recently collaborated with Ambling Company’s senior leadership team to develop a customized and scalable analytics platform.  Instead of investing in a new software product, and the costs and limitations associated with a 3rd party solution, Ambling Companies chose to leverage the capabilities of their internal resources and existing technologies.

Mike Godwin, CEO of the Ambling Companies states “We hired 7iOG to develop a self-service analytics solution for our Property Management and Asset Management groups.  As a result of our work with 7iOG, we discovered new ways to leverage our technology into measurable and tangible results.”

Gary Davila, CEO of 7i Operations Group, says “We do not sell software, we provide solutions that help clients improve their operational performance, reduce risks, and increase profitability.  The Ambling project is an excellent example of how our business model works.  We worked alongside leadership to define and develop the solution, provided needed training and coaching, and then watched them flourish as they began customizing reports and tweaking metrics.  We are excited to witness Ambling embrace the power of data and make strategic and tactical decisions based upon real information.”