7i Operations Group (7iOG) recently completed the specification, solicitation, selection, procurement, customization and global implementation of a best in class real estate project management system for a fortune 100 technology company.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement 7iOG is unable to disclose the clients name.

The project included:

  • Documenting and improving existing business processes
  • Creating new business processes where none existed
  • Documenting reporting needs and metrics
  • Defining how the new technology would integrate within existing tech eco-system
  • Defining data flow, validation, format, storage, archiving and calculations
  • Developing the functional requirements so vendors understood how the technology needed to function to meet the needs
  • Developing the RFP package and bid analysis tools
  • Participating in vendor selection process
  • Representing the client during customization and implementation

The client has real estate holding on every continent so the tool was customized to accommodate over 100 currencies and multiple languages.