Why 7iOG

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Optimized Performance

7iOG is a business analyst consultancy specializing in real estate management, development and construction.  Our holistic approach to business operations optimizes efficiency, lowers costs, reduces risk and gets the most out of your technology investment.

World of experience

What began 30 years ago as a passion, is now our profession.  Before the advent of industry specific applications and software we were helping contractors, developers and property managers work more efficiently and be more successful.



7iOG helps clients unleash the real power of data.  Our approach is methodical, proven and will yield the results YOU define.  Beginning with end in mind, we collaborate with you to define the metrics, source the data and then build a dashboard that provides the insight you need.


We deliver the vehicle to capture the collective wisdom of your best performers.  When you want to understand what works, and why, we are your answer.

The backbone of any continuously improving operation is process.  We document your current state, identify and eliminate inefficiencies, and deliver a tool that aligns daily operations with strategic objectives.


We help clients get the most value out of their technology investment. Our team helps you integrate current technologies for a more efficient operational platform.  Should you decide it is time to upgrade or enhance your toolset we can manage the procurement and implementation.

Project Management

We are experienced project managers with a proven track record of successful projects.  Whether you need a part time owner’s representative or are undertaking a major corporate initiative, we can help you get to the finish line.


what motivates us


To serve our clients with excellence, improve their profitability, and build valued relationships.


We are passionate about enhancing client performance. Each client is unique. We take the time to understand your operations and propose solutions that leverage your strengths.

Jet Fuel

We are fueled by coffee and good times.  Sometimes our profession requires we work weird hours and a little caffeine never hurt anyone.  Most importantly we want our team, and yours, to enjoy themselves.  After all, if you cannot enjoy your success why bother?

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6175 Hickory Flat Hwy
Suite 110-327
Canton, GA 30115


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